Friday, April 12, 2013

Little Milton - "Just One Moment"

This line says it all:  just one moment with you is worth all of the changes she could ever put me through.  Little Milton, like so many others, has a wife at home but is in love with his girlfriend and repeatedly stays out all night with her.  His wife is mad when he gets home and of course she wants to know where he's been. Towards the end of the song he says that he needs a brand new lie to tell.  He even goes so far to say that if you could spend one day in his shoes, you'd know why he keeps running back to her.  Ladies, if your man feels this way about another woman, take a close look at your relationship and leave him.

Now, with that being said, I may not like what is happening in this story but this has to be one of my most favorite Little Milton songs. The melody is simply beautiful.  "Just One Moment" is on his Guitar Man CD which I bought some years ago (it was released in 2002). This is one of those CDs that I would drop in the tray and let it play from the first song to the last; and then repeat it in its entirety, over and over.  Little Milton sings this so well and it's such a moving song in spite of his infidelity!  The man's in love!

If you get a chance, check out Johnnie Taylor's version of "Just One Moment" that was recorded back in 1974 - it's beautiful, too!

Well baby we’ve done it again, over stayed our time
Looks like time just flies when you and me are together
I know I’m going to catch plenty hell when I get home
But hey, it’s alright, I don’t care, you know why - I’ll tell you
Listen to me

Just one moment, one moment with you
Is worth all the changes she could ever put me through
Just one moment, one moment with you
Is worth all the changes she could ever put me through

The sun is coming up and it’s time to go home
She’ll want to know where I’ve been all night long
I’ll give her some excuse like so many times before
But in anger she’ll reply, Milton you’re a lying so and so

But the truth is you’re every little thing she’s not
But what she’s missing
I tell the whole wide world you’ve got


I never thought I’d ever see the day
That going home to her would make me feel this way
But if you could spend one day in my shoes
You’d see why I lie to her to spend the night with you
With you it’s heaven but with her it’s hell
That’s why this morning I need a brand new lie to tell


You see without you baby I’m weak
But with you I’m strong
And that makes me able to go through the hard times
That I go through when I get home
And you know something, when the sun goes down
Oh I know it’s going to be alright
Cause I know I’m going to get a chance to hold you again in my arms tonight

You see I don’t worry no more
Oh honey I got your love
There’s nothing she can do to ever, ever break us up

Chorus (repeat)

Good music - enjoy!
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