Monday, February 10, 2014

Betty Padgett - " I Didn't Take Your Man (You Gave Him To Me)"

Now Betty Padgett can tell a story!  Here's a man whose wife has been taking him through changes and divorcing him for a year.  Girl, don't you know about the clean-up woman?  If you don't want him, you can best believe there is someone who does!

Why does this woman keep calling me
Woman you need to stop hating and instigating
You’ve been divorcing this man a whole year
You didn’t want him
And you can’t stand to see nobody else have him
But since you’re so bold to call my house
Let me tell you something

I didn’t take your man
You gave him to me
All those years you left him alone
Now you want to call to bitch and moan
This man ain’t hard to please
But you wouldn’t take time to supply his needs
He’s a good man that needed more from you girl
Yes he was your husband but he’s my lover boo

I didn’t take your man girl
You gave him to me
I didn’t take him
Everybody know you gave him to me
You should have took the time to know your man
His likes and dislikes like the back of your hand

It takes two to love
Life ain’t no game
Making love and having sex
Ooh ain’t the same thing
When you had this man
You treated him so bad
But his lovin’ is so good
Oh girl I understand why you’re mad

Where there’s a woman like you
There’s a woman like me
Waiting on a real good man
To become single and free

All that man needed was a little love
A kind word sometimes ah girl and a gentle hug

I watched that man drink
When he didn’t even drink
I watched him smoke
And lord knows it kept him broke
You had him thinking that there was no hope
But you got caught up
And hung yourself with your rope


You gave him to me on a silver platter
Yes you did girl
Girl you were so busy doing your own thing
His love didn’t really matter
He stayed with you for a long time
And all you did was cause that man pain
So just drop his last name and oh by the way
You can take off that wedding ring
Cause I didn’t take your man
Girl you gave him to me
You had a good man
And now that man is mine
I didn’t take him
I want to thank you girl
I want to thank you for giving me a sweet loving man...

All that man needed was a little love, a kind word sometimes, and a gentle hug
Southern Soul Paradise