Monday, June 30, 2014

Nellie "Tiger" Travis

Nellie "Tiger" Travis has one of the most popular songs this year - "Mr. Sexy Man" (see the video below and my post dated 7/19/2013).  "If I Back It Up" is also fantastic (see the video below and my post dated 4/21/2014).  I'm excited because she's going to be in concert in the DC area on July 26.  She'll be performing at Lamont's Entertainment Complex down in Pomonkey, Maryland.  (Yes, Pomonkey is an actual place.)  She's also performing at the Elk's Lodge in Selma, Alabama on July 18.

For more information about her, including her tour schedule, check out her website:  Here's some bio info that was taken from her site:

Nellie “Tiger” Travis couldn't be more destined to sing the blues. She was born deep in the delta of Mississippi in the early 60′s. As in most small towns, the church was a main focal point and Nellie grew up singing gospel music.The nickname “Tiger” was born after Nellie came to Chicago. She and a cousin were hanging out at B.L.U.E.S on Halsted brainstorming about what to call her. Nellie wanted the nickname “Angel”, but her cousin quickly rejected that and came up with “Tiger” which aptly describes her feline-like, intense vocal style as well as her feisty, independent personality.

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