Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tucka - "Love Doctor"

Tuckaaaa!! Oh, I love him so!!!  In fact, I've never heard a bad song from him and I really think I could listen to him all day and all night. "Love Doctor" is a song about a man who wants to take care of the girl, heal her broken heart, and make her feel better!  Tucka says he could be your shot, your medicine, and your love doctor.  Just let him know where to begin.  Lord have mercy!

Calling all ladies
Wherever you may be
Love is a dangerous game that we play oh baby

I know you’ve been hurt
I know you’ve been treated wrong
But listen baby, I got what you need to move on
You say you don’t want no relationship
Now who got time for that
Just come to my office
Tell my nurse what’s wrong
Then head to the back

I could be your shot
(undercover lover)
I could be your medicine
(undercover lover)
I could be your love doctor
(undercover lover)
Just let me know where to begin
(undercover lover)

So you say you’re having problems
Problems with pain
Do you feel it in your head, is it around your chest
Or is it down your legs
See I don’t mind checking every spot
Cause that’s just part of my job
But I want you to know, I’m not responsible
For what happens when I stop


Love is a dangerous game that we play, oh baby
Ok now, let me get this right
So you say you feeling pain
But you’re not exactly sure where it's at, is that correct
Ok, so you’re saying you need me to check - everything?
Ok, I just want to make sure, you know what I'm saying
That you understand exactly what you’re asking me to do


Southern Soul Paradise