Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tyrone Davis - "It's a Miracle"

I thought I knew most Tyrone Davis records but I don't remember this from 1988. WBFZ (of Selma) and WKXN (of Montgomery) have been playing this for awhile and I just love it.  It's a sweet song about finding a lost love - how romantic!!

I was walking down the street one day
She was just a glimpse, so far away
But the closer I got to her
Well, more and more she looked so familiar
That same sexy sway of her hips
That same loving smile on her lips
We were almost close enough to touch
But I dare not though I wanted to so much

Thought I would never see you again
Never another night with you I’d spend
But I kept the faith baby
And I prayed every night that you’d come back in my life
It’s a miracle
That’s what it is, that’s what it is
Say it’s a miracle
That’s what it is, that’s what it is

My blood is racing through my vein
A feeling starting that I can’t explain
My pulse quickens, heart’s beating fast
Thank God I finally found her at last

I said Sally and she just looked at me
I said Sally, baby, don’t you recognize me
Though I was wrong
I want to make it right
Let me make it up to you
Cause I finally see the light


And I prayed every night that you'd come back to my life!
Southern Soul Paradise