Thursday, September 25, 2014

Johnnie Taylor - "Drown In My Own Tears"

I posted this Johnnie Taylor song back in 2011 and had to repost it again.  It is absolutely amazing. Johnnie tells his girl that she ought to come on home so he won't be all alone.  The legendary Ray Charles made this record many years ago and JT's remake turned a really good song into a great one! Here are some of the words:

It brings a tear to my eyes
When I begin to realize
I’ve cried so much oh since you‘ve been gone
I’ve almost drowned in my own tears
I sit and cry, oh just like a child
My pouring tears they’re running wild
If you don’t think 
Oh that you’ll be home soon
I said I believe I’m going to drown right now baby in my own tears

Southern Soul Paradise