Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jaye Hammer - "Dig a Little Deeper"

Oh, do I love southern soul!  Fellas, if you've got a good woman, you've got to hold her and console her and then you got to treat her right! You've got to let her know she's the one you're thinking of.  Well alright, Jaye!  Dig a little deeper, stroke a little longer, roll a little harder (?), hold a little longer, give her what she's missing, love and kisses, you've got to please her. Ladies, if you have a man, sometimes it seems as if he doesn't understand but you know he loves you.  You also have to follow Jaye's advice. He says life is full of pressures - don't you know it!

Check out "Lay The Hammer Down" ( and "I'm Leaving You" ( - both are fantastic Jay Hammer songs!!

Love this music!
Southern Soul Paradise