Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nellie "Tiger" Travis - Free Tickets!!

Nellie "Tiger" Travis will be performing at the RedZone Grill in Fairfax, Virginia, on Friday, November 7 - I will be there!!!  You know Nellie best for her "what cho name is" song, also known as "Mr. Sexy Man," and she's recorded plenty of other good music.  Thanks to the wonderful folks over at the RedZone Grill, they're allowing me to give away a pair of tickets - yes, they're FREE!!!  I interviewed Nellie a few months ago and if you go to my post (, you'll easily answer this question: what is the name of the city and state where Nellie lives?? The free tickets go to the first person who correctly emails me the answer.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Southern Soul Paradise