Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cathe's Countdown - WDLT 104.1 FM in Mobile February 28, 2015

I often listen to Mobile, Alabama's WDLT - 104.1FM - on Saturdays. They have an outstanding All Blues Saturday show and play great southern soul all day long - Nikki DeMarks is one of the best!
I was able to catch Cathe's Countdown today on WDLT.  This is Cathe B's list of top 10 southern soul songs for the week.  So, here they are...

  1.  Gentry-Jones featuring Mr. Sam - Roll It, Roll It
  2.  Ronny Bell - Cotton Candy
  3.  Urban Mystic - I Feel Good
  4.  Vick Allen - True To Me
  5.  O. B. Buchana - That's My Song
  6.  Tucka - What's Your Flavor
  7.  Mose Stoval - Dirty Lil Secret
  8.  Miss Lady Blues - Like You Used To
  9.  Columbus Toy - I'm Gone
10.  Vince Hutchinson - Partying With My Friends

Love that #1 song!!
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