Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bigg Robb - "Please Don't Judge Me"

For those who think southern soul is all about infidelity, here's a Bigg Robb song with a beautiful, heartfelt message.  He tells a couple of stories but there is one story about a woman who needed prayer and asked him for it.  He didn't hesitate, asked her what they needed to pray for, and took the time to pray for her.  (If you don't know, prayer is powerful!!!)  In his words to all of us, he doesn't want people to judge him because God isn't finished with him yet.  He may not be all that he wants to be but thanks to God he is better than what he used to be. He may not have it going on like this person or that person but he's learned to be thankful for what he has. That's a strong testament! Amen!

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