Monday, March 30, 2015

My Sidepiece/My Sidepiece Reply

I wrote about this long last September and it is still hot!!  I can't believe this guy left home to be with his sidepiece.  He says you can tell his wife but he really didn't care because she wasn't going anywhere.  What?? As crazy as that may sound, it happens all of the time.  He even says he got it from his daddy because it's all in his genes.  Shame, shame, shame....but the melody on this song is awesome! Listen to the Louisiana Blues Brothas featuring Pokey.

Of course, there's the ladies' response to this cheater - it's also climbing up the charts. You left home to be with your sidepiece but don't think your woman is sitting at home twiddling her thumbs. They ask who's been making love to your woman while you're out making love?  Listen to Veronica Raelle, Lacee, and Ms. Portia.

There are a couple of other remix versions...

Southern Soul Paradise