Monday, May 4, 2015

Johnnie Taylor - "And I Panicked"

Johnnie Taylor is the best.  Here is an absolutely beautiful ballad, simply beautiful. It's a story of this man's reaction when he found his woman gone. I heard this song this morning and I had to take the time and listen to it over and over till I got the words right.

Three times this morning I put my phone to my ear
I dialed your number, let it ring
But baby, no one was there
When I ran to your house
Found your room unoccupied
I checked the drawers and closets but they were empty inside
And I panicked inside

I panicked to think part of my life had gone away
And I panicked not knowing how would I live another day
Because I love you and I need you and I want you baby
And I panicked inside
(Cause your love has gone away)

I walked home wanting, wanting to turn back the hand of time
Just one more chance, just one more chance
I’ll make you see
You shouldn’t leave me behind, that ain’t right baby
You would be convinced, my love is here to stay
And it’s not a game I’m playing
I want a house and kid someday
I would love and ?

I didn’t want to get frantic
But I just had to panic, panic, oh and I panicked

I just couldn’t keep my cool
Because I was losing you
I didn’t want to get frantic but I just had to panic
Oh baby, since you’ve gone away, how can I live another day

Cause I love you, can't you see it in my eyes?
Southern Soul Paradise