Monday, August 10, 2015

The Legends & Heavy Hitters of Soul - Nellie 'Tiger' Travis

The Legends & Heavy Hitters of Soul show was held at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, on August 1.  It featured Nellie 'Tiger' Travis, Clarence Carter, Latimore, Wilson Meadows, and Millie Jackson.  I love southern soul shows and was thankful to have the opportunity to attend one in the DC/MD/VA area. 

Here's my review of Nellie 'Tiger' Travis - keep checking out my blog for other show info.

I’ve seen Nellie in concert several times and she always puts on a fantastic show.  Her voice is a little raspy but very crystal clear and the girl can sing.  No, that girl sang!!!  Her musical lineup included Baby Mama Drama, Superwoman, Who’s Fooling Who, You Gonna Make Me Cheat, If I Back It Up, Cold Feet, and she ended her performance with the famous Mr. Sexy Man.  I still love that song.  Her ballad, Superwoman, was beautiful – ‘no cape in the closet, no magic wand; a woman’s work is never done…’  The most memorable part of the show was when someone in the crowd shouted out a request and wanted her to sing Betty Wright’s Tonight Is the Night.  Nellie started singing the song a capella (we sang along with her) and it was fantastic!  She sang the song for about a minute and everyone, and I mean everyone, was so disappointed when she stopped.  We wanted her to keep going – she was just that good.  The only negative comment I can add is that her band, who were awesome musicians, didn’t do her music justice.  I don’t know if it was because of the acoustics in the building or maybe I was just too far in the back.  A lot of concert goers want to hear artists ‘sound’ like their records and I think the band missed it.  Other than that, Nellie 'Tiger' Travis’ show was great and I look forward to seeing her again – go see her whenever you get a chance!!

Hey, Mr. Sexy Man!!
Southern Soul Paradise