Monday, August 10, 2015

The Legends & Heavy Hitters of Soul - Clarence Carter

The Legends & Heavy Hitters of Soul show was held at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, on August 1.  It featured Nellie 'Tiger' Travis, Clarence Carter, Latimore, Wilson Meadows, and Millie Jackson.  I love southern soul shows and was thankful to have the opportunity to attend one in the DC/MD/VA area. 

This Montgomery, Alabama, native is 79 years old and still kicking! Wow, he can still amaze the crowd and did a great job entertaining us.  If I can only be that good when I get that age... He told us that he was only going to sing the songs that made him a million dollars - and he did:  Too Weak To Fight, Patches, Slip Away, Love Me With A Feeling, and Strokin'!!  I love how he tells stories in between his songs.  One story was about when he was a kid and it was cold outside.  The source of heat for their family's home was by the fireplace and his father told him to make a fire.  Clarence replied by saying, "You're older than me, why don't you make it?"  We can only imagine what his father did to him. lol He said there was a time when children didn't talk back to their parents...and women didn't talk back to their man - oh what did he want to say that for??? lol Clarence Carter knows how to capture the hearts of his fans.

Southern Soul Paradise