Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tucka - "The Repair Man"

Here's Tucka's latest hit - The Repair Man.  He says he's like calling 911 in case of an emergency - he can give you everything you need! Oh yes, just try him!  

Ooh wee, I can't get enough
I'm your repair man, girl I got what you're looking for
Have you ever had a repair man like me
Give you what you need, baby, I'm like calling 911
In case of an emergency
I can give you everything you need, just try me
Dial 1-800, I'm the man, yeah and I'll be there to do all I can

If your man don't want to get it on
And you're tired of always sitting on the phone
Baby take me home, girl I can't do you wrong
If you're tired of doing all that you can
And you just want a little helping hand
Baby here I am, I'll be your repair man

See I never (8 more times)
Thought in a million years, girl
That I get you next to me like this
Got my coveralls all in a bundle
And I just don't know which way to go
I want to love you, all night like this
Signed sealed and delivered...


Southern Soul Paradise