Monday, October 12, 2015

Urban Mystic -" Days Of Our Lives"

I've been hearing "Days of Our Lives" on southern soul stations. I often call this the soap opera song because Urban Mystic gives a rundown of all the major soaps that were out in 2009 when this cut was released:  The Days of Our Lives, One Life To Live, As the World Turns, Young and the Restless, Bold and Beautiful, and Guiding Light. It's a pretty song set to the classic R&B record by The Delegation, "O Honey."   If you listen closely, he also gives titles and lines from a lot of different songs and it all comes together very well. In listening to this, you can tell there's often a thin line between R&B and southern soul.

I'm not familiar with Urban Mystic's work so I thought I'd look up some info about him and was surprised at what I found. First, he was born in 1984 which makes him a young guy with a mature sound. Secondly, he's not a traditional southern soul artist and identifies his music as Contemporary R&B, Urban, Neo Soul, and Soul.  I've also seen it called hip hop soul.

Check out his complete bio on the allmusic website:
Ghetto Revelations

Southern Soul Paradise