Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Memory Lane CDs and Records, Inc. in District Heights, Maryland

I've never posted about a record store but if you're in the DC metro area and you love albums - real 33rpm albums - 45s, and cassettes, you've got to stop by Memory Lane in Forestville, Maryland.  I stopped by there to pick up my tickets for the J. Red/Jeff Floyd/Hardway Connection show that's going to be the Friday after Thanksgiving at Lamonts and walked into heaven.  I have a turntable and a decent collection of albums and found this place to be amazing. It's located in a nondescript strip shopping center off Marlboro Pike and is the kind of place you could easily miss - I have for years. Michael, one of the owners, is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and knows everything he has in the store.  And, what he doesn't have, he'll get. It is so hard to find a record store anywhere and this is one of the coolest I've seen in a long, long time.
Memory Lane Records
2809 Walters Lane
District Heights, MD
Southern Soul Paradise