Friday, November 13, 2015

Tyrone Davis- " I Wish It Was Me"

You ever wake up some mornings, turn on the radio, and EVERYTHING you hear is good? Oh man, I heard "I Wish It Was Me" early this morning and I've had to repeat it about ten times already. Lol Ok, I'm done.

Talking about soul music, you can hear hurt, pain, despair, sadness, envy, and yes, love, all wrapped up in "I Wish It Was Me."  You can feel all of these emotions when Tyrone sings - that's what I call a great song.

I see you every day
When you walk by this way
You go into the house next door
Stay an hour or so
Oh, I don't know
Who you're going to see
But I wish it was me you loved

Who was sharing some of your time
Oh, love
Who could call you mine, all mine
Oh, love
I said I wish it was me you loved

Oh, I saw him today
For the very first time
And when you put your arms around him
Ooh, baby, I almost went out of my mind
Cause with him, you seem so happy
Ooh, how I wished it was me
Who was making you laugh that way
Oh, love
Who was hearing those
Sweet words you had to say
Oh, love

I said I wish it was me you loved

When I saw you kiss him
Ooh, it made me feel so sad
My heart cried out in my pain, love
Oh, baby, because it hurt me so bad
But all I could do was stand there
And wish, wish it was me, love
I said I wish it was me you loved

BTW, the song stops at the 3:08 mark.
I love Tyrone Davis.

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