Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tyrone Davis - "I Got Carried Away"

My throwback Thursday song!!  "I Got Carried Away" is at the top of the list of being one of my very favorite Tyrone Davis songs.  I love this and played it so much that my sons also know it - word for word!

Have you ever heard a certain song that immediately brings back memories?  "I Got Carried Away" is about a guy who is driving home but hears 'their' song and starts thinking about the past and his love for his girl.  He got so carried away that he missed his turn. You know how that is!

To 94 said the highway sign, I should be home by now, home just in time to lay her down to sleep and pray the Lord her soul to keep, love, oh love, oh love! By the time I got started in the right direction, the dee jay on the radio was playing another selection  But our song was still on my mind, memories lingered on of how you have been so kind.  Oh I just, baby I got carried away.

Wow, this song brings tears to my eyes!!  Thinking about a time when you were so good to me!

Oh I just, baby, I got carried away.  And before I knew it, I was ten miles out the way...
Southern Soul Paradise