Friday, January 15, 2016

Ms. Jody - "If He Knew What I Was Thinking"

Oh do I love Ms. Jody.  "If He Knew What I Was Thinking" is a song that should be heard by every guy who's ever abused a woman.

Ms. Jody was talking on the phone to a girl who was in an abusive relationship.  Her man didn't think she would pay him back for all his hitting and abusing of her because he still came home every night. He expected her to do everything and act like everything was alright but he didn't know what was on her mind.  If he knew what she was thinking and if he knew what was in her head, he would stop eating her cooking and stop sleeping in her bed!!  Take the time and listen to the rest of Ms. Jody's story.

I love this line - "common sense should tell you that when you abuse someone, you better watch yourself!"  Ladies, if you're in a relationship in which your man is physically and emotionally abusive to you, leave!  If you feel that you can't leave and I know that it's hard to do, seek help - it is out there for you. There are people who will save you and your children.

"If He Knew What I Was Thinking" is taken from Ms. Jody's recent "Talkin' Bout My Good Thang" CD.

He had no right to put his hands on her...
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