Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tyrone Davis - "Sexy Thing"

I think that out of all of the Tyrone songs that I love (and I love a whole lot), this has to be one of my favorites.  If I ever do anything more than this blog, Sexy Thing is going to be my theme song - not necessarily because of the words but more because I love the music. The melody is so sexy and this song makes me want to dance!!!

In the words of Tyrone: You pick me up when I feel let down, comfort troubled water.  Soothe me with your kindness, you're just what the doctor ordered. And then a little later in the song he says: I like your moves, I like your eyes, I like your hips, ooh I like your thighs, you sexy thing you.  Sexy, sexy, sexy sexy thing. I like your mouth cause you know what to say and when I'm feeling low and down you know just what to do about it, you sexy thing.

Miss you Tyrone!!
Southern Soul Paradise