Tuesday, April 26, 2016

O. B. Buchana - "Just Be A Man About It"

Just be a man about it and tell me the truth.  Are you trying to take my woman because I took your woman from you?  Just be a man about it like I was to you - I didn't bite my tongue; I said and did what I had to do.  Real talk from O. B.  He just wants this guy to stop spreading lies and talking about him behind his back - just be a man and tell it to his face.  He wasn't sneaking behind the guy's back and wants him to rise above the craziness.  It's funny, the rules get out of whack when love is involved.

"Just Be A Man About It" was taken from his 2009 Back Up Lover CD - I've been hearing it a lot lately and really like it.

I already took your woman and you ain't going to get her back again!
Southern Soul Paradise