Friday, April 15, 2016

Southern Soul Blues Report

I love having access to southern soul music via the internet.  It means that you can listen to all the southern soul you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This works for me because I listen to music ALL the time.

One of my favorite sites that plays great music is the Southern Soul Blues Report:  It is the only site I know that actually allows you to click a button and request what you want to hear.  Give it a try - it's easy! Click on "Playlist & Request" and request the songs you want.

Also check out the schedule of their shows:

WSSR SHOWS Schedule:

Show Time:
Show Name:
12 PM - 2 PM
The Ladies Of Southern Soul
6 AM - 12 AM
Two-Fer Tuesday (2 Songs In A Row By The Same Artist)
12 PM - 2 PM
The Legends Their Legacy Lives On
12 PM - 2 PM
The Men Of Southern Soul
12 PM - 2 PM
Back In The Day Blues Cafe
12 PM - 1 PM
Artist Spotlight COMING SOON

12 PM - 2 PM
WSSR Top 25 Request

Southern Soul Blues Report also has the top 25 most requested songs and different videos that you can see.  It's a great go-to site for southern soul music.

Southern Soul Paradise