Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dr. Nick - "Southern Soul Rumpin'"/Facebook Live

Facebook Live isn’t a brand new Facebook feature but there are very few radio personalities that use it as a tool to ‘televise’ their radio show.  Enter Dr. Nick, the host of Washington, D. C.’s  “Southern Soul Rumpin’” on WPFW. His show comes on from 2:00 – 4:00 every Saturday afternoon and he currently airs it on Facebook Live!  How cool is that???  He’s revolutionizing the way all radio personalities will eventually reach their audience.  I love that he’s using social media to air his show which just so happens to be the only radio show in the entire DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia) area that’s dedicated to southern soul and the blues!  It’s a joy to watch Dr. Nick as he interacts with his lovely co-host, Lady C, and they keep us entertained throughout the entire show.

Dr. Nick fills the Southern Soul Rumpin’ time with great music, fantastic interviews, music news, and information about upcoming concerts - his outgoing personality makes his show a lot of fun.  He is so knowledgeable about a wide variety of things and really knows his southern soul music.  Dr. Nick works extremely hard and emcees/hosts tons of events all the time throughout the entire region, including Blue Monday Blues which is held at 6pm each Monday at Westminster Church located at 400 I Street SW in Washington, D.C.

To listen to Dr. Nick’s “Southern Soul Rumpin’” show on Saturday afternoons, tune your radio to 89.3 WPFW if you’re in the DMV; listen online via;  listen via TuneIn on your phone/tablet; or go to Nick Johnson’s page on Facebook and watch the show live!

Thank you Dr. Nick!!  We love you for keeping southern soul alive in Washington, D. C.!

Southern Soul Paradise

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