Monday, September 5, 2016

Lavish Truesoul - "If I Was Your Man"

"If I Was Your Man" is a popular song by Lavish Truesoul and is getting a lot of airplay in south central Alabama. It has a nice, catchy beat.  He says that if you were his man, he'd never do you wrong, he'd never leave you alone....and then he talks about all of the things he would do.

Here's Lavish Truesoul's bio as taken from CD Baby (I really wanted to make some editorial changes to this content but left it alone and copied it verbatim from the CD Baby site):
Lavish Truesoul is a artist who was introduced to soul music at a early age. Getting his first break with local rap artist Kuzy K where he used his soulful voice on hooks and songs on many differnt artist in the surrounding area.He was greatly influence by legendary soul men Bobby Wommack,Marvin Sease,Tyrone Davis,Donny Hathaway,Johny Taylor ,and Anthony Hamilton . He now travels city to city putting that soul in the air and keeping a dyeing art alive, true soul music.

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  1. Lavish performance on Labor Day Weekend in Montgomery, Alabama was incredible! Thank you Mr. Truesoul for bringing that Soulful touch to Montgomery, Alabama!

  2. Lavish Truesoul performed, "If I was your man," and several other songs in Montgomery, Alabama on Labor Day Weekend. Lavish Truesoul is an extraordinary singer, and has a soulful touch to his music. I really enjoy listening to his music. Thank you Mr. Lavish Truesoul!


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