Monday, November 21, 2016

Peggy Scott Adams - "That's How I Do It"

Society says that women get old between the ages of 35 - 50. Peggy says that's society's problem - she's not getting old, she's turning into solid gold!  (I know that's right!)  She saw an old girlfriend who used to be finer than any woman had a right to be but she let herself go.  She asked her what happened and her friend said that she had bad breaks, mistakes, too many babies, and a whole lot of heart aches. She told Peggy that she looked so good and so young, God's been good to her and asked her how she does it.  Peggy said young men, old money, bitter tea, milk and honey, she exercises and watches her diet and makes a little love every other night.  That's how she does it. (That's a lesson for all of us!) It ain't always easy but she gets through it!

Stop being these men's baby-making machine!
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