Friday, April 28, 2017

Duchess Jureesa McBride - "Call Me Crazy"

Check out the new Duchess Jureesa McBride single!  Her voice is velvety smooth - wish I could sing like her. lol This song is a scenario from a story that's all too real - we have either been in or seen others in relationships that have gone bad.  Like here, the woman is often advised to hang in there and try to make things work even though the man keeps lying and is cheating on her like crazy.  How much can you stand?  In "Call Me Crazy," we see the anger building to the point of explosion because dealing with the hurt and pain year after year gets to be just too much.  So, after awhile, you do go crazy.  You'll call her crazy if she pulls a .22 out of her purse, throws his cell phone where it hurts, or puts their business out in the streets.  Talk about being pushed to the edge!!

Well done Jureesa!!!

You'll call me crazy if...
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