Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tootie Malone - "Holiday Inn"

Ladies, be careful who you have in your circle - best friends ain't always best friends, you know.  I tell you, betrayal by your husband and your best friend is a deep kind of hurt.  Tootie says that you shouldn't have no woman sitting around you and your man!  Great advice! You know it's true.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from Tootie Malone!!

Here's a copy of her bio:
Neo-Jazz Singer! 
Atlanta’s newest singing sensation Miss Tootie Malone is being hailed as an innovator in today’s music ushering in her own genre of music known as Jazzy/Hip Hop. Considered the next “Big Thang” in the music industry Malone began her career by performing and touring with such greats as The Temptations, B.B. King, Little Milton, Kandi {From Xscape}, Lee Fields and others. She is currently enjoying success from her new single “Wish I Could Come Over Tonight” which features Otis Redding, III on guitar. A favorite at radio, the sultry singer has captured a mixture of jazz vocals on a hip hop beat that has taken Neo-Soul to a new level. An accomplished songwriter, Malone has written or co-written all 10 songs on her debute CD. Two songs featured on the CD were written by Miss Tootie Malone and famed producer Rick Rock {Jay-Z, Busta Rhyme/Mariah Carey, Mase} and displays her jazzy/hip hop flavored style. Her single “Wish I could Come Over Tonight” features the music of beat master Khao who writes for famed rapper T. I. {King Of The South},and recently produced tracks for Lil Kim’s latest release.The song also features back up vocals by Jeffrey Singleton, former lead singer of The Commodores!

I caught my man at the Holiday Inn with my best friend!!
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