Thursday, August 3, 2017

Nellie "Tiger" Travis - "Mr. Sexy Man, The Album"

Nellie Tiger Travis is a dynamic artist and performer.  I love to watch her live because she 1) sounds just like her records and 2) she makes me feel like I’m part of the show.  This Mississippi girl has a great personality and a wonderful stage presence. 

I recently drove from Alabama to Maryland (yes, I drove) and listened to all of the new “Mr. Sexy Man, The Album” from track 1 all the way through track 12.  I absolutely loved it!  The CD starts with Mr. Sexy Man which may as well be our national anthem!  What better line is there when we see that guy we like!  Hey Mr. Sexy Man, what ‘cho name is??? Cause we really want to know.  I think the song on the CD that I like the best  – mainly because I hadn’t heard interludes done in awhile - is “Smile.”  Earth, Wind, and Fire incorporated music interludes on their albums and one I remember is “Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo)  which is  on their “All ‘N All”  album.  Nellie’s interlude lasts all of 1.05 minutes and her lyrics are “it’s a beautiful day, smile.”  It is simple and oh so very pretty.  Nice job, Nellie!

I also love “I Woke Up In Love.”  

I'm the type of person who will buy a CD for one song but you don't have to worry about that with "Mr. Sexy Man, the Album." Every cut on this CD is good and I think the writing and her musicians are all excellent.  The quality of the music along with her soulful voice make this a wonderful album.  It's definitely worth adding to your collection!

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