Thursday, June 28, 2018

NaCole - Southern Soul Music Festival in Pomonkey, MD

The first thing I noticed about NaCole was her hair – I loved it!!!  She was rocking a ‘fro and it reminded me of the Angela Davis look. So cool.  But what grabs you when she opens her mouth is that this girl can sing!  Beautifully!!  NaCole is tremendously talented and her voice is so clear and strong.  She puts her heart and soul into her music and you can feel the raw emotion of the song. She can hold a note so smoothly and is totally gifted.
I had a chance to talk to NaCole and she is a lovely woman.  She has a sweet personality and you can’t help but like her.  She is a southern girl from Gallatin, Tennessee, which is only about 30 miles northeast of Nashville.  She grew up listening to old school music and has been singing R&B since she was a little girl.  This is only Nacole’s second year of singing southern soul and she said that she feels that she has found her place in the southern soul music world!  She said that she met J. Red in 2011 and it’s been a great collaboration.  
I asked her what is it that she would want her fans to know about her.  She said that she wants to be transparent in everything she does. NaCole’s music comes from within her and she said that she has lived through and been through everything she sings about.  When you have experienced things like love, heartache, sadness, and joy, they can be poured into the right song and you can actually feel those emotions.  And that is so true because when we listened to her sing, everyone in the audience could feel it.

At the Southern Soul Music Festival in Pomonkey, NaCole sang a really nice collection of songs – here are a few:
Till The Morning Comes
If Only You Knew
This One’s On Me
What You Won’t Do For This Woman

NaCole puts her heart and soul into her music and, trust me, we haven’t heard the last from this very talented musician.  

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