Thursday, June 21, 2018

Southern Soul Music Festival/Dr. Nick and Lady C

I had the pleasure of attending the Southern Soul Music Festival in beautiful downtown Pomonkey, Maryland. 😊 🙌🏽 🙌🏽 🙌🏽 The weather was perfect - sunny, blue skies, and it was hot but not blazing hot, as long as you were in the shade. Lol  

The show's lineup included some of today's best southern soul artists: NaCole, Shay Denise, J. Red, Karen Wolfe Bass, and L.J. Echols.  And I got to talk to everyone - I was so excited!!! 😀 Stay tuned to Southern Soul Paradise to see what they had to say! You'll get a nice glimpse of the personalities of each one and may even learn something new.  After the outside show was over, the Hardway Connection took the party inside to Lamont's Nightclub and what a way to end a wonderful southern soul music day!

Dr. Nick and Lady C, the hosts of WPFW’s weekly Southern Soul Rumpin’ Show, were the emcees for this musical event.  If you listen to WPFW, you know that this dynamic duo kept us entertained and were great in engaging the audience. Dr. Nick and Lady C used their skills to keep the party atmosphere going and fueled our excitement for the upcoming acts.  They knew how to grab the attention of the crowd and prepared us for a musical afternoon that we would never forget.

In between acts, Dr. Nick played wonderful southern soul music which motivated the crowd to get up and dance!!  Dr. Nick knows southern soul and we thank him for ALL he does!
Dr. Nick and Lady C

We don't get a whole lot of live southern soul music too often this far north so this festival was an absolute treat for the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.  Looking forward to the next show!!

Southern Soul Paradise
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