Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lamar Brace - “Rock Me Baby"

I love newer artists who keep the traditional southern soul sound alive.  Lamar Brace may be an r&b artist but "Rock Me Baby" sure sounds like southern soul.   I really like music that makes me want to move and this song has a great dance beat.  It's grown folks music that will be cool in the club, at a party, in the car, and at home.  And, Lamar has a great voice!!

According to his Facebook page (where you can find his complete bio), Lamar Brace is the owner of Diverse Groove (check out their website: and he's a SoulMop Recording Artist!!!  Much love to J.Red!!💕

I'm looking forward to hearing more music by Lamar Brace!!

Can you rock me baby, can you rock me all night!
Southern Soul Paradise
Facebook: SouthernSoul Paradise

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