Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Geno Wesley - "She's Got the Juice"

I like this, it really grows on you and is an easy song to sing.  She's got the juice - go on and turn her loose!

Here's Geno Wesley's bio as taken from
There's a message in the music!!! The artist known as Geno was born Wendell Geneiro Wesley on November 22, 1974 in the city of Mobile, Al. to Mr.and Mrs.Barry Wendell Wesley. He was born into a family of talented gospel singers, songwriters, and musicians. At the tender age of four Geno performed his first solo on a Christmas program in church, but due to his shy demeanor he shoned singing. Growing up Geno was an honor roll student, and as the years passed he began to develop a passion for the performing arts, and while taking drama classes. He also began to become interested in performing poetry and acting in stage plays. Throughout middle school he won various awards and prizes for his talents. And even started a career in school politics where he won elections for student council Chaplain and Vice Presidency. At the age of 13 he was blessed with the opportunity to assist the legendary gospel great,"The Reverend James Cleveland" while the reverend was attending the (1988 Gospel Music Workshop of America in Mobile, Al). At the age of 15 Geno regained his confidence in singing and began performing in high school talent shows.
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