Friday, February 22, 2019

Lomax - "Caught Up"

Have I told you that I LOVE everything Lomax?

I tell you, infidelity can cause a whole lot of pain.  Lomax said that his other woman doesn't want to lose her husband and he doesn't want to lose his wife, but they got caught up and things have gotten out of hand.  I'll say.  Neither one of them thought that things would get that deep nor did they think that their feelings would go so far.  They thought they'd have a one-night stand.  But you know how it happens.  An innocent look may turn into a meaningful look, which turns into a touch, and before you know it, feelings are involved and you're wondering how it all started.

He says that if they don't pump the brakes, slow down a little, cover up some of that dirt, it's going to get to the point that they can't turn back and someone's going to get hurt.

What are we going to do, things have gotten out of hand???
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