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Otis Clay - Three Amazing Songs by an Amazing Man

Was listening to Dr. Nick today (on his Southern Soul Rumpin' Show which comes on at 12 noon EST/11am CST on and he played "If I Could Reach Out" by Otis Clay - what a beautiful song.  When I heard the opening bars, I just knew it was going to be an Al Green song.  lol Ok, I was wrong. It was Otis Clay singing a great song with a wonderful message -  if he could reach out and help somebody, help somebody find their way, if he could reach out and help somebody, then he's had a good day. Amen!

I'm always amazed at the new things I learn every day.😊

Here's "If I Could Reach Out."

The main Otis Clay song I remembered was - "Trying To Live My Life Without You."  I loved this song!!

But this is what surprised me the most - I had no idea that one of my favorite gospel songs, "When The Gates Swing Open," was performed by the same Otis Clay.  I LOVE this song and it's been in the playlist on my phone for awhile now!!  You can feel the deep emotion when he sings this.  He says I want to thank you Father for all the things you've done for me!  You've been so good to me! This touches my heart.  I read that before Otis died on January 8, 2016, he would often sing this song from the pulpit in church. Here's a great article on the late Otis Clay:

You can read Otis Clay's bio on his website:

Someone said that he would sometimes sing at multiple funerals in one Saturday, not just for dear friends but also for complete strangers.  He was the guy who would ease the sorrow of others.

What an amazing man!

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