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Blues Critic Radio Southern Soul Top 25

The Blues Critic/Soul Blues Music website has a ton of valuable information.  In addition to their top 25 singles, they also give you artist info, album reviews, album info, videos, a CD store, and so much more.

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As published on their site, here's the Blues Critic Radio Southern Soul Top 25 list for 3/15/2019.  Congratulations to Avail Hollywood for his number 1 song, "Unbelievable Booty!"
March 15th

#Song TitleArtistLabel
1Unbelievable BootyAvail HollywoodNlightn
2Backup Plan ManWalt LuvMonkey Wrench
3SunshineSolomon Thompson & David JGolden Choice
4On That Gin & JuiceDonnie RayCDS
5Dancing In Da Streets(BDay)Lady Q & Jeter JonesJones Boyz
6I'm Going Back To The Hole In The WallJim BennettJaben
7Inside Man Outside HelpOmar Cunninghamself
8Jungle LoveTuckaHit Nation
9There She GoCorey RudolphCDS
10Walk That WalkWilliam CalhounCDS
11Let's RollJay Hall & Theodis Ealeyself
12Play Something With A BeatTK SoulSoulful
13SnapbackC-WrightTotal Impaq
14Face DownO.B. BuchanaEcko
15I Miss My BabyAndre Leeself
16Let MeRicky WhiteCDS
17Show Up Show OutTJ Hooker-TaylorHooked Up
18Thick PocketbookAnnie Washingtonself
19Girls NightSassy Dself
20RodeoItz KarmaJones Boyz
21Haters Gone Hate2 Buck Chuckself
22You Need A PlaqueTha DonSoulful
23I Need An UpgradeDonna 'Dee Dee' Simonself
24Turn UpCertified Slimself
25It's JuicyBigg Robb & Darryl EOver 25 Sound
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