Saturday, March 30, 2019

Southern Soul Countdown on WDLT

It's time for the new Southern Soul Countdown which is Beverly McDowell's top 10 favorite songs of the week. You can catch this countdown on WDLT 104.1 FM, the greatest station in the Mobile, Alabama, area. WDLT has an awesome "All Blues Saturday" show and the on-air personalities - Nikki deMarks, Stormy, and now Beverly McDowell - are amazing! The new and revised Countdown, which is now done by Beverly McDowell, comes on at 7:00 p.m. CST (8:00 EST) each Saturday night.

To listen to the station if you're in the Mobile area, turn your radio to 104.1 FM and if you're online, go to You can also listen via iHeart Radio on your phone/tablet and, if you have an Echo, do like I do and simply tell Alexa to play 104.1 WDLT!

Disclaimer: For the new countdown, the announcer usually starts with the #7 or #8 pick (instead of #10) but I usually start writing down the songs at the top of the hour and "assume" the songs played before #7 or #8 are part of the top 10.  So, I say that to say for tonight, "Can You Hang" and "Boom Shaka Laka" were played right before #8 was announced.

This week's top 10: 
  1.  Make Me Wanna Do Wrong - Tucka
  2.  My Cake - Mr. Campbell
  3.  Fine - Lenny Williams
  4.  She Got The Juice - Geno
  5.  You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man - Karen Wolfe
  6.  Sunshine - Solomon Thompson & David J
  7.  Boots On Song - Big Yayo featuring Omar Cunningham
  8.  Something To Talk About - Simone De
  9.  Can You Hang - Wilson Meadows
10.  Boom Shaka Laka - Rosalyn Candy featuring Tucka
Beverly's Classic Pick of the Week was "Three People" by Willie Clayton!!
Beverly's number 1 song again this week is "Make Me Wanna Do Wrong" by Tucka.
Thank you Beverly for your countdown and WDLT for a great All Blues Saturday!! I love southern soul music!!
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