Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Blues Critic Radio Southern Soul Top 25

Here's a list of Blues Critic's top 25 southern soul songs as of April 15!  πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

Congratulations to Ricky White with "Let Me!"

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April 15
#Song TitleArtistLabel
1Let MeRicky WhiteRW
2Backup Plan ManWalt Luvself
3BeautifulWendell B.Smoothway Ent
4Snappin' TurtleTheodis EaleyIFGAM
5My Woman Is A CougarMr. Cadillac Manself
6HeavenBig MelBig Mel Ent
7Blind Crippled & CrazyLJ EcholsNeckbone
8Put In Your LifeConnie Gself
9Southern LoveMarcell CassanovaFeel Good Music Group
10Still A PartyNarvell EcholsDirty Delta Ent.
11Walk That WalkWilliam CalhounCDS
12On That Gin & JuiceDonnie RayCDS
13SunshineSolomon Thompson & David JGolden Choice
14Shake Them Haters OffTyree Neal & Boosie Baddassself
15Dancings In The Streets (BDay)Lady Q & Jeter JonesJones Boyz
16Love GamesWillie ClaytonEndZone
17Whisky Drinking WomanMose Stovallself
18I Need A DrinkOB BuchanaEcko
19Southern Soul MusicCorey Rudolphself
20OperatorC-Wright & TuckaTotal Impaq
21Puff Puff No PassTK SoulSoulful
22I'm Your ManBig Yayoself
23Looks Like It's OverKing Fredself
24Let Me Hammerize YouJaye HammerEcko
25Next FridaySir Charles Jones & LaMorris WilliamsSouthern King

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