Saturday, May 18, 2019

X-man Parker - "Something 'Bout This Lady"

"Something 'Bout This Lady" was released last year and it's a song about a guy who's crazy about his girl.  She's been good to him and she's the only one he needs.

X-man Parker is also known as Mr. Crown Royal. 🤔

Here's a little info about X-man Parker as taken from
X-Man Parker is a veteran of the Blues Southern Soul market. Having worked with legends like Mel Waiters (Hole in The Wall) he's stepping out with his new single, Something Bout This Lady, from his forthcoming album Mr. Right. Working with the production team Sons Of Soul Productions, he delivers in the traditional vein of the legends like Mel, Johnnie Talyor, Willie Clayton to name a few with a modern twist to keep the BBQ functions, hole in the wall clubs, card games and slapping bones an events to remember. Dedicated to that special lady in your life, this is celebration music. Enjoy!

Something Bout This Lady is a song that brings the good time vibe to the dance floor while celebrating that special lady in a blues/southern soul style.

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