Friday, October 15, 2010


October almost got by me but I made it! How are you? I've been to 'sweet home Alabama' since my last entry and there's nothing like being home with Mom. It was also great being in the land of blues and southern soul. While there, I listened to Selma's 105.3 because they play southern soul in the morning and a little through the day. WKXN has gotten away from the blues and I mainly listen to them just on Saturdays and Sundays. I'll be doing another blog soon to let you know of the tons of southern soul stations you can hear online.

Now to the music - here are my top ten picks for the month:
1. She's My Woman by Marvin Sease...He says that he wants the whole wide world to know she's his woman, she's his baby girl.
2. Bad Love Affair by Marvin Sease...I recently told my sister that Marvin is so much more than Candy Licker and that his music is really good. In this song, he says that the reason he looks like this is because he's trying to get over a bad love affair.
3. If They Can Beat Me Rockin' by Vick Allen...I have been listening to him for awhile now, but his music has hit me hard and I LOVE him.
4. I'm Hooked by Vick Allen...So far, this is my favorite one of his songs. You've got to listen - he's a genius:
She’s got me hooked
Like she done put a root on me
Got me going crazy and I just can’t let her be
She do me wrong but I just can’t shake her, ya’ll
She got me messed up, she got me gone
5. Don't Give Up On Me by Clarence Dobbins...This is a pretty love song.
6. Your Man Is Home Tonight by J. Blackfoot
7. One Man's Loss by Willie Clayton...Everything he touches is awesome.
8. Lover Boy by Johnnie Taylor...I bought this CD because he is the king of southern soul.
9. The End of the Rainbow by McKinley Mitchell...An oldie but goody and man oh man is this good.
10. Let Me Be Your Daddy by Lebrado...I saved the best for last. Have you ever had a song get under your skin and you just have to get up and move every single time you hear it??? Well, this is it for me.
So you got a man but you’re still lonely
Say he doesn’t make you feel much like a woman
But you stay
You don’t need that drama in your life
Let me take you from this tonight
Cause I want to love you
Treat you like the woman that you are, girl you know you are my superstar
This is the chorus:
When you’re sick and tired of being his woman
You can come over and you can get your groove back
Baby, when you’re sick and tired of being his momma
You can come over and I can be your daddy, let me play your daddy

Woohoo!!!! Good music!

When you get a chance, youtube all of these fabulous songs. Until next time, have your own southern soul paradise!!