Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Online Southern Soul Music - It's Paradise!

One of the most beautiful things about the internet is the ability to listen to southern soul 24/7! You don't have to drive to Alabama or Mississippi to hear it anymore. I want to tell you about several online stations that are definitely worth checking out.
1. SBR Radio - Go to Soul & Blues Report (soulandbluesreport.com) and look at their website. They have a ton of info such as Radio Reports from different radio stations all over the south, the top songs that they've reported, SBR Radio where you can listen live, and so much more information.
2. Chicos Radio - www.chicosradio.com.
3. WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS - www.wmpr901.com/#
4. Moonman Radio out of DC - www.moonmanradio.com/index.html
5. WKXN out of Montgomery - www.thebigstation.fm The music on Saturdays and Sundays is fabulous; the Nic and Nan show on Mondays - Fridays (9 - 2 CST) is pretty good; but the majority of time is spent on the hip hop crowd so I really just listen on the weekend.
6. Try Pandora.com - this is a cool site. You tell it the music you like and they create a station just for you with your style of music - try it.
7. My most favorite southern soul station is www.southernsoulradio.com. It's the station I always go to first.

There's so much southern soul out there so enjoy paradise and try some of these stations. If you know of some radio stations that stream online, send a quick email to southernsoulparadise@hotmail.com and I'll share your info with others. Until next time...