Saturday, March 26, 2011

Johnnie Taylor - I Believe In You

It's Saturday morning and I need to hear some Johnnie Taylor.  He was the master of love songs and this one shows how much he cares about his woman.  He starts with "I feel sorry, I feel sorry..."  Then, he says that he feels sorry for any man out there when he can't look around and say this is my woman, my woman alone.  He also feels for any woman out there who can't say she has somebody that she can call her very own.  But my favorite part is when he says he heard her mother say that loving him didn't make any sense but when she put him down she stood up to his defense.  And he says that anytime you stand up against your own mother it makes him know that she believes in him.

Here's another one of my favorite JT songs.
Southern Soul Paradise