Sunday, March 27, 2011

T.K. Soul - It Ain't Cheatin' Till You Get Caught

Do you know T.K. Soul?  I started listening to him a couple of years ago and have been a huge fan ever since.  I have several of his CDs and this song is one of my favorites.  I know, I've got a lot of favorite songs from a lot of artists, but you can't help who you like - can you?  :)  In this song, he has a friend who was feeling guilty about what he was doing and thought his wife knew he was fooling around.  He wants to tell her the truth and admit to his wrongdoing.  And then this same friend's wife has a talk with T.K. and, suprisingly, tells him that she's been messing around and needs to come clean with her husband.  His advice to both of them is to keep it to yourself!  Before you tell on yourself, remember, you didn't get caught. Get it out of your mind; don't be no fool.  It ain't cheatin, till you get caught.
Awesome, awesome, awesome.
Enjoy - look for more T.K. Soul coming soon...
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