Monday, May 14, 2012

Denise LaSalle - "Cheat Receipt"

Ah, a cheat receipt.  That is a valuable piece of currency that you can pull out and spend anytime, anywhere.  Oh yes, when your better half messes up, you know and he sure knows that he owes you big time!  Not only that, he's also afraid you're going to do the same thing he did.  In the chorus, Denise says that she thinks her man is scared of her; he knows that she has a cheat receipt and he's just hoping that she doesn't cash it in.  And now that he messed up, he's acting so differently now, coming home at 6:00, making love by candlelight, calling to see if you need anything, etc.  You really have to use that to your advantage - you know what I mean.  It's all good!

I think my baby’s scared of me
He knows I’ve got a cheat receipt
He’s hoping I don’t cash it in
That’s why he’s acting so different

I caught my man creeping
Out in the street
And now I’m kind of thinking
He’s afraid of me
He said I need to forgive and I did
There’s something strange has happened to him
It seems he’s doing all he can
Just to keep my mind off another man
It’s a brand new him but the same old me
And I know he’s hoping I don’t creep


He don’t work late no more
Six o’clock he’s stepping through that door
Sometimes he even calls and says
Baby do you need anything at all
Each and every night
We’re making love by candlelight
He knows he’s done me wrong
But says he’s gonna make everything alright
It’s a brand new him but the same old me
And I know he’s hoping I don’t creep


Somebody out there listening to me
You caught your man out on the creep
Oh Mary don’t you weep
Girlfriend you’ve got a cheat receipt
Tell me, can you explain
Why a man causes so much pain
But as soon as the tables turn
He can’t even stand the burn


I think my man's scared of me, he knows I've got a
cheat receipt!!!
Southern Soul Paradise