Sunday, May 20, 2012

Richard Dimples Fields - "She's Got Papers On Me"

What can I say about this classic song by the late, great Richard Dimples Fields?  I'll always love it.  He's singing about the other woman but his wife has papers on him and she'll never set him free.   Did you know that is Betty Wright singing at the end of the song?  As she gives him a piece of her mind, she throws out so many great lines that I have to give you a few of them.  Listen to the song to catch them all.

--Well, well, well, what have we here?
--Let me tell you something, Mr. Look So Good, from now on, this house is where you used to live.
--Don't we look pretty in that suit my money bought?
--I'm not sure, I'm not exactly sure about what you're doing, but I know you're doing something. 
--If I can't be number one, I will not be number two - unless I want to be.   And right now I'm in no mood to be number two.
--You must pay me to be free.
--And I know being with me irks you.
--And you can tell that dizzy broad...
--I'm not going through no more hard times or bad times because I can do bad all by myself.
--Yeah, I've got papers on you but now I'm throwing them in the trash can of my memories.
--Now take your little albums and your little raggedy component set that never worked and you can scat.

This brings back so many good memories!
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