Monday, June 11, 2012

Karen Wolfe - "You Ain't No Player"

The chorus says it all - you ain't no player, you're just a bill payer!!!  Karen Wolfe doesn't hold back and tells it like it is.  She's one of my favorite singers and she consistently puts out great music.  In this song, she just wants these guys who think they are players, those who have wives but give up their money and stuff to the other woman, realize that the girl is really just using them.  It happens all the time but it's the truth. 

Karen, girl, keep on doing what you're doing!!

Some of you fellas, you think you got it going on
Cause you got a woman in the streets and a woman at home
You always going around bragging to the boys
But all you really doing is talking a lot of noise
Now I hate to see you going around confused
But the truth of the matter is you’re just being used

You ain’t no player
You just a bill player
And that’s no doubt
You ain’t no lover
You just another like the others whose money ran out

She’ll stroke your ego saying you’re good in bed
And you believe everything the little girl said
She’s got your nose open so wide
You can pop a couple of 18 wheelers inside
Now if you think she’s so into you
Just fool around a miss a car note or two


Now you think you’re getting over on your woman at home
While you’re out there fooling around you think she’s home alone
You’re out there bragging that you got it like that
But you never know what’s going on behind your back
If you think you’re making it do what it do
You’ll be surprised to find out who’s fooling who


She’ll call you cassanova
But she’s just teasing
You think you’re slick, boy
But you can stand another greasing
You really think you’ve got it going on
But you don’t even know what’s going on in your home
You ain’t no player
You ain't no lover, you're just another like the others
whose money ran out!
Southern Soul Paradise