Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rue Davis - "Honey Poo"

I had this song on a cassette tape back in the day and wore it out!  I loved this record.  You may not hear a lot about Rue Davis but he is one of those multi-talented artists.  Not only does he record and perform his own music, he has also written for tons of artists and also produces music, too.  Love to see versatile people!

I must be out of my mind
If I ever leave those pretty eyes
Cause I know I won’t find another one like her next time

It took pains to find her
I want to be always around her
There’s no one else that’s kinder
My honey poo (That’s what you are)
My honey poo (You’re my superstar)
My honey poo, my honey poo (That’s what you are)
My honey poo (You’re my superstar)

I’ll tell the world that I’m a lucky guy
She makes me proud to ever be alive


When we walk down the street people would ask me
Oh she has a lovely smile and you’ll hear me say she’s mine


Now listen, I know ya’ll saying Rue Davis, what is a honey poo?
Well a honey poo is your man or my woman
Now all y’all down in Jackson, Mississippi; Memphis
New Orleans, Greenville, Houston, LA
If you got a honey poo why don’t you raise your hand
Raise your hand
Cause I know I gotta honey poo

Cause when we make love, that honey tastes so sweet
When she gives her love, she gives it all to me
I want to always be around her!
Southern Soul Paradise