Monday, October 22, 2012

Ms. Jody - "When Your Give A Damn Just Don't Give A Damn Anymore"

Ms. Jody is one of my favorite female artists and this song is a little different from her other songs.  It's more of a story with a little bit of singing.  It kind of reminds me of Betty Wright's "Tonight Is The Night" but Ms. Jody is unique and does her own thing.  A lot of her girlfriends are going through things with their guys and she tries to help them out; they wonder how she can give so much advice.  Ms. Jody tells them that she has been caught up in a lot of the same situations before.  She lets them know that if you're in a bad relationship, you're going to walk away when you get tired of the situation.  She says that until you truly have enough, you're not going anywhere.  So true, so true.
Southern Soul Paradise