Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quinn Golden - "I'm Gonna Be A Man About It"

I love the blues on Sunday afternoon.  Well, I actually love the blues every day of the week but since today's Sunday, I'll go with that.  Quinn Golden is another southern soul singer that left this earth way too soon.  He was born in Memphis on October 25, 1954, and passed in Memphis on July 28, 2003.  He sang with several groups such as Rufus Thomas, Ollie and the Nightingales, the Bar-Kays, Shirley Brown, Denise LaSalle, Barry White, and tons of others.  He recorded some fantastic music - see my posts dated 5/15/2011 and 10/16/2011.

In this song, Quinn Golden says that he was caught cheating; he had a one-night fling and he knew it was wrong.  His opening line is 'yes, it was me and your best friend coming out the motel last night.'  How devastating!  His wife's best friend kept coming on to him and the next thing he knew, they were in the motel.  He's not going to play games by lying and so he's going to be a man about it and tell the truth.  You have to give him credit.  I have more respect for the man who comes clean - even if I don't like it - rather than the one that lies.

Yes it was me
And your best friend
Coming out the motel last night
Whoever snitched on me girl
They sure told you, told you right
I could have lied about it
But oh girl I told the truth
See we had this one night thing baby
And oh girl I cheated on you

But I’m gonna be a man about it
I ain’t gonna say it sho wasn’t me
I’m gonna be a man about it
This time girl you got the goods on me

She kept coming on to me
By showing me her pretty, pretty legs
Next thing I knew baby
We were making love in a motel bed
After it was all over baby
I realized I was wrong
Girl I wanted to forget baby
But the news beat me back home


All those other times you were accusing me
Oh, it sho wasn’t me
But oh it looks like this time baby
You got a positive i.d.
Ain’t nothing I can do except to confess
I can’t blame you baby, it was my own fault
I got caught up in my own mess

My favorite line is "Girl I wanted to forget baby
but the news beat me back home!
Southern Soul Paradise