Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tucka - "Don't Make Me Beg"

I love this talented young guy.  When I hear this song, it shows me just how passionate our men can be.  We forget that they love and hurt as deeply as we do.  He says that if he has to beg, he'll get down on his knees and stay there!  Listen to Tucka, the King of Swing!

I remember when it was us
Remember the day we fell in love
I still dream the day we kissed
That’ll be a day I’ll truly miss

Cause now you’re gone
Girl don’t you miss me just a little bit
Baby please
I don’t know if I can live like this
Things ain’t been right ever since we split
Tell me baby do I have to break down and beg
Just to get you to come back my way
Just need you to say it’s gonna be okay

Don’t tell me I have to beg
Cause on my knees Lord I will stay
Steady wiping the tears from my face
Can’t believe you’re gonna let me cry
Asking myself girl, why oh why
I need you to come back home
I’ve been all alone


Baby please, don’t make me beg
After all we’ve been through
You gonna treat me this way
I can’t see you with another
I can’t be with another
Don’t make me cry
Don’t make me cry

Girl, don't you miss me just a little bit???
Southern Soul Paradise